Vital Nutrition: Sports Supplement Store

The Laredo Supplement Store inside of Gold's Gym of Laredo--serving all of Laredo.


You don't have to be a Gold's Gym member to take advantage of our low prices and the expertise of our personal trainers.  Everyone is welcome. Come in and learn how simple it can be to begin a custom-designed supplement program.

Who We Are

We believe that there are no shortcuts to health and fitness.  It takes hard work and smart nutrition.  If you want results, come by and get what you need--and only what you need.  If you want hype, go to the other guys--or an infomercial.



What We Do

We use the products and we work hard.  We know what works and why it works. Equally important, we also know what does not work, what is not safe, and what is a total waste of money.


If you have never used supplements before, or have never maximized their benefits, come see one of our trainers for advice.  We're demanding, we're focused on results, and we're determined to get the most out of the products.....safely.